16th November

Individuals are at the heart of God’s plan. Whilst Jesus came to save the world He does that undefinedone person at a time. The spiritual life of this nation depends on the people of this nation returning to Christ one by one. The people we are responsible for are our neighbours, those we live amongst not only in our street or block of flats but also those with whom we work or attend school or university with, those we meet as we go about our daily lives and, of course, our friends and family.

  • Pray for the people who live immediately around you. Visualise or name the ones you know, otherwise pray for them by house number or flat number.
  • Pray for opportunities to share your faith in some way between now and Christmas with people you meet most regularly (e.g. at work)
  • Pray for blessing on your own church’s outreach programmes to the local community
  • Pray for on-going initiatives to bring the Gospel to local communities across the country, for example: Fresh Expression churches, Messy Church services, advertising campaigns, local area missionaries and evangelistic campaigns
  • Pray for chaplains in schools, hospitals, the military and so forth as they represent Christ in these places

As you pray for the nation by praying for your neighbours, friends and family you might find this song helpful in calling the “Dry Bones” to “Come Alive”

Bible Reading: Ezekiel 37:1-14

CARE have launched a website devoted to information about, and prayer for, the Election. It is www.engaGE19.org.uk and their suggested prayer for today is included above.
 undefined Each week we will be focussing our prayer as below:

  • THIS WEEK: Spiritual needs of the nation
  • NEXT WEEK: Election Candidates
  • W/c 24th November: The Media and Election Communication
  • W/c 1st December: Policies and Manifestos
  • W/c 8th December: Election Week

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