18th November

The Battle undefined of the Somme ended today in 1916, after a million lives had been lost fighting there.

Election Candidates will make many promises in their campaigns, as will the party manifestos. undefinedIt is important that these promises are realistic, and couched in language that says what they mean without ambiguity. Opposing candidates and parties might seek to undermine the claims and promises, and again there is a temptation to deliberately mis-interpret what has been said in order to make it look ridiculous.

Your Local Constituency Candidates. Click here and then enter your postcode to find a complete list of candidates in your constituency. Print out this list so that you can pray for them all in the days and weeks ahead.

  • Pray that candidates will be able to resist the temptation of exaggerating what they or their party stand for
  • Pray too that they will resist the urge to distort what other candidates are claiming in order to make them appear untruthful
  • Pray that the electorate will also have realistic understanding of what is possible, what MPs and governments can actually do, and what can be achieved at this time
  • Pray that all parties will have (as far as is possible) realistic costings for their policies and honesty about what they mean in terms of taxation and/or the national debt
  • Pray that those candidates who do not have a realistic chance of election will nonetheless campaign with integrity

Bible Reading: 2 Corinthians 10:12-18

CARE have launched a website devoted to information about, and prayer for, the Election. It is www.engaGE19.org.uk and their suggested prayer for today is included above.
 undefined Each week we will be focussing our prayer as below:

THIS WEEK: Election Candidates
NEXT WEEK: The Media and Election Communication
W/c 1st December: Policies and Manifestos
W/c 8th December: Election Week

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