21st November

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have sent a pastoral letter to urge us to think and pray as we vote. You can read it here.

Elections can easily descend in to a feast of back-biting and animosity. Today we are praying this will not happen, undefinedand that our country which has become divided on a whole range of issues will begin to draw back together again (ultimately, around the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Lordship of Jesus). For our local candidates we will be praying that they are able to conduct their campaigns without fear of intimidation.

  • Pray for the constituency that you live in, for peace to rest on the place.
  • Pray that those who have been promoting militant political action in recent years will not find support for abusive and intolerant behaviour
  • Pray that the party leaders and other national campaigners will resist the temptation to score quick points through ridicule and attacks on personalities
  • Pray that in the noise of the election campaign, the still small voice of God will be heard clearly in this land; pray for God’s favour to rest strongly on those who preach the Gospel on the streets and to their friends this autumn
  • Pray that even where the divide between alternative policy proposals is greatest the campaigns will be conducted with good humour and sensible debate

Bible Reading: Numbers 6:22-26 Today’s election prayer from engaGE19.org.uk is Dear God, grant wisdom, unity and vision to churches as they plan hustings events. Amen.

Your Local Constituency Candidates. Click here and then enter your postcode to find a complete list of candidates in your constituency. Print out this list so that you can pray for them all in the days and weeks ahead.

CARE have launched a website devoted to information about, and prayer for, the Election. It is www.engaGE19.org.uk and their suggested prayer for today is included above.
 undefined Each week we will be focussing our prayer as below:

THIS WEEK: Election Candidates
NEXT WEEK: The Media and Election Communication
W/c 1st December: Policies and Manifestos
W/c 8th December: Election Week

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