Feast of Christ the King

The culmination of the Church’s year, the event that everything has been pointing to throughout the year and that everything points to in Scripture, Christ on the Throne and ruling earth visibly as King. Perhaps we should make this the main time of celebration for Christians each year, before the secular onslaught that Christmas has become sets in.

This week we pray about the Media and the coverage of the election.undefined We start by praying for balanced coverage. This means different things depending on the media: television and radio stations have a duty to give equal coverage to the different parties (though more time is allowed for those which have more candidates standing and also for those which have a realistic chance of forming the next government). Print media obviously has a different role, most newspapers will take a position of support for one party or another and everything they print will be from that perspective. Then there is the ‘new media’ (which we pray specifically about next Saturday), this includes things such as Twitter and Facebook and other sites where the public make posts.

  • Pray that the integrity of the BBC and ITN in particular, as well as SKY News, LBC and other major broadcast news outlets will be maintained and that in the analysis of this election afterwards they will be praised for the balance of their coverage
  • Pray that even newspapers strongly in one camp or another will be ready to shine light into the policies of the party they support to give good and fair scrutiny during this campaign period
  • Pray that people, especially young people, will not be sucked in to following just one stream of thought on social media but will learn during this campaign season how to engage constructively with those with whom they disagree
  • Pray that the smaller parties, whilst not getting the amount of coverage of the major ones, will nonetheless feel that they have been treated fairly by the media
  • Pray that the Leaders’ Debates still to come, and the larger discussion forums to be broadcast, will not turn into just a ratings battle for the broadcasters nor a chance for politicians to compete just for the best ‘sound-bite’ but will give an opportunity for genuine debate about important issues.
  • Pray for balance also in the local coverage of the campaign in your constituency, including access to the media for independents and small party candidates

Bible Reading: Proverbs 11:1, Proverbs 16:10,11 Today’s prayer from engaGE19 is Lord we pray for the safety of volunteers canvassing, delivering leaflets and campaigning in public areas. Amen

CARE have launched a website devoted to information about, and prayer for, the Election. It is www.engaGE19.org.uk and their suggested prayer for today is included above.
 undefined Each week we will be focussing our prayer as below:

  • THIS WEEK: The Media and Election Communication
  • NEXT WEEK: Policies and Manifestos
  • W/c 8th December: Election Week
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