10th December

On this day:
1520 – Martin Luther burns papal edict ordering him to recant his teaching
1936 – Edward VIII abdicates the throne
1964 – Martin Luther King wins Nobel Peace Prize

There are those in our society who seek to gain their way through intimidation. In this election week it is important that no-one votes against their own consciences or beliefs, or out of fear of reprisals if they vote the ‘wrong way’. In recent years election candidates and elected MPs have been threatened and intimidated for their views and voting record. Whilst a lot of this is online in social media, it can still be scary for those on the receiving end. Several MPs in the last Parliament needed police protection, which is a sorry indictment of the state of our society at the moment.

  • Give thanks for Christians in the past (such as Martin Luther and Martin Luther King) who have stood for truth and justice despite the personal cost they faced
  • Pray for the MPs who stepped down at this election because they could no longer face the abuse they were receiving, that they will be able to build new careers and roles for themselves
  • Pray for candidates and their activists in this week’s election who are facing hostility as they engage with the public in their constituencies
  • Pray that abuse, threats, intimidation etc. will become so unacceptable that those who have been acting in this way find themselves marginalised, not applauded
  • Pray for any members of the public who might feel scared of voting, or scared to vote as they wish, that they might be re-assured in the next couple of days and are able to vote with confidence
  • Give thanks for the stability the Queen gives to the nation. Pray for her and Prince Charles and Prince William as they take on more duties. Pray that the Queen’s wisdom will give due guidance to members of her family at this time.

Bible Reading: Psalm 10 EngaGE19 prayer for the day: Loving God, we ask You to grant wisdom to Christian organisations engaging in public debate about moral and social issues. Amen.

As we pray through Advent, we are preparing for the coming of Jesus. This blog is about praying for our nation in this election, so I suggest using this song as our Advent prayer each day.

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