11th December

On this day:

1620 – Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts
1931 – Westminster hands government control to independent legislatures in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Ireland (southern) and South Africa
1997 – Kyoto Climate conference agreement to limit ‘greenhouse gases’

On this last day of the election campaign, we focus on the health and well-being of all those who have been on the campaign trail. Many will now be very tired, especially the leaders and senior members of the major parties who have held several meetings a day in different places across the country.
For most involved, of course, it will end in disappointment. The majority of local candidates will not be elected; some will not be even though their party comes to power and others will be but will then be in opposition, unable to carry out their manifesto pledges. These are ripe conditions for depression and mental anguish.
Finally, of course, the whole country is tired of the arguments and decision making; we need a break!

  • Pray for your local candidates and their teams, and that there will be real refreshment for each of them following this election
  • Pray for all who have been involved in the national campaign, with a lot of travelling and many speaking engagements and other meetings. Pray for their well-being (even those you do not agree with or even like!)
  • Pray that the soon-to-come Christmas festivities will be a time of refreshment for all the country, that family gatherings will be a time of healing as the nation moves on from this season of election
  • For all its faults, our parliamentary system is often regarded well by those overseas. As we think of the new parliaments that were created in 1931 on the Westminster model across the Commonwealth, choose one or more of those countries and pray for it today {all of them are still in the Commonwealth except for the Republic of Ireland}
  • The pilgrims left this country in part so that they could worship more freely (away from the strictures of the Churches of England and Scotland), and in many ways they laid the ground for the emergence of the United States in the centuries that followed. As the USA begins its year-long (!!) election, pray for integrity and truth in the campaigns there

Bible Reading: Isaiah 40:27-31 Todays’ engaGE19 prayer: Dear God, we pray that every candidate would realise that they need Your guidance and strength. Amen.

As we pray through Advent, we are preparing for the coming of Jesus. This blog is about praying for our nation in this election, so I suggest using this song as our Advent prayer each day.

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