Election Day

Today in 1901 Marconi sent the first Transatlantic radio signal from Cornwall to Newfoundland, a development that would come to revolutionise all aspects of life

Today we pray that whatever happens in the election, the result will be accepted both in your local constituency and also nationally. Be it a large majority Government, a ‘hung parliament’ requiring coalition or ‘supply and confidence’ agreements or a Party only just able to form a Government by itself we pray that we all come to terms with it and accept the outcome.

  • Pray that in all constituencies the result is clear. If there needs to be a recount then ask that the result of that is accepted by all
  • Pray that the national result is also accepted, that those disappointed will recognise a democratic decision
  • Pray that, even if politicians continue to argue about the result, there will be a clear mood amongst the public that it is what it is
  • Give thanks for Radio, and all that has developed from it (Television, Sonar, Radar, electronic communications and so forth). Pray that it might be used increasingly by those spreading the Gospel and teaching the Church, and also that those who use it for unrighteous things will be stopped
  • Pray for the sick and elderly who go out to vote today, that difficulties caused by rain, wind, ice or whatever the weather brings across the country will not stop them and that there will be others who offer to give them lifts if needed

Bible Reading: Acts 6:1-7 Today’s engaGE19 prayer: Lord, let Your will be done today. May your grace and mercy be upon our nation. Amen.

Cut and pasted from Archbishop Cranmer blog on Monday:

It is all so disconnected from the real Advent. What does Christmas have to do with partisan politics? What does Advent say to those who are waiting expectantly for a new king of promise and hope? What happens when the other side triumphs over us, and our king goes into exile. What do we do or say when our anointed king, our messiah, is mocked and scorned? How long must we wait until the promises are fulfilled and national salvation dawns?

We are looking for joy in the wrong place, and expecting peace from the wrong messiah. Our partisan politics is utterly ephemeral compared to the joy and peace which passes understanding. We find joy when we delight in the Lord. Peace will come when our horizon is lifted toward trusting and hoping in Jesus Christ. Only he can save us. Neither messiah Boris nor messiah Jezza shall fulfil all their promises, for both have renounced the covenant of truth.

Jesus the Messiah has come, and we wait expectantly for his reappearing.

As we pray through Advent, we are preparing for the coming of Jesus. This blog is about praying for our nation in this election, so I suggest using this song as our Advent prayer each day.

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