13th December

On this day in history:

1920 – International Court of Justice founded in the Hague by the League of Nations
2003 – Saddam Hussein captured in Iraq

By the time you read this the outcome of the election might be known, or it might be going down to the wire as the final state-of-play will be decided by the last constituencies to declare their counts. Either way, today we pray about how the result is interpreted; analysis not only of the winners but also of the size of the vote for the smaller parties and the policies they were advocating. What does the way people voted tell us about the state of the nation?

  • Pray for every person not elected, that as the adrenaline of the past few weeks gives way to exhaustion and disappointment, they may have the support they need around them and time to rest
  • Pray for wisdom for the new (/returning) Prime Minister in the days to come that, together with their advisors and senior ministers, they might reflect on the way people voted and be conciliatory and not ‘gung-ho’
  • Should any party do significantly worse than they were hoping, pray for their leaders as they consider what the people have said about their policies and that they might consider a new path for the future
  • For party leaders who now sense the need to resign, or who are told to by their membership, for wise reflection and support as they seek a new role either within politics or beyond it
  • For Britain’s role in the world; not only in relation to the E.U. but also as a signatory to the formation of the International Court of Justice, as a Security Council member of the U.N., membership of the G7 nations and the Commonwealth; that this election will help us to be a positive influence in international affairs in the years ahead

Bible Reading: Psalm 12 Today’s engaGE19 prayer: Heavenly Father, we commit to You those responsible for counting the votes and declaring the results. Amen.

As we pray through Advent, we are preparing for the coming of Jesus. This blog is about praying for our nation in this election, so I suggest using this song as our Advent prayer each day.

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