14th December

Today we pray for the new MPs, new Government as it is formed over the coming weekend and the new Parliament.
There is no time of rest for those who have been on the campaign trail, the House of Commons will open for business next week.
Issues which have been on hold for a month now need to be dealt with, not just the ones that featured in the election but the Government will also have to form a response to events in Hong Kong and other international situations.

  • Pray for the MPs who have been re-elected and are continuing the role they have had before; that they will be ready to get on with the job and able to put some of the acrimony of the last parliament behind them
  • Pray that this will be a fresh new parliament with a positive and constructive approach to debates; pray that sharp disagreements between people from different parties or viewpoints may be debated well without acrimony
  • Pray for those going to the Commons for the first time, that they might quickly learn the ropes and also find friends amongst established Members who will mentor them in the role
  • Pray for families and others who are left behind in the constituency, pray that ways are found to preserve family life alongside this demanding role; especially pray for MPs who have several hours of travel back home each week
  • Pray for the Prime Minister as he considers the appointments to the Cabinet, for wisdom for the right people in the right posts
  • Similarly pray for the Opposition parties as they appoint spokesmen for key policy areas
  • Pray about Britain’s response to ongoing international situations, especially our moral and legal commitment to seek to protect the rights of the citizens of Hong Kong

Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 1:7-10 EngaGE19 prayer for today: Holy Spirit, we remember all who have worked so tirelessly and ask that You would give them time to rest. Amen.

As we pray through Advent, we are preparing for the coming of Jesus. This blog is about praying for our nation in this election, so I suggest using this song as our Advent prayer each day.

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